Sunday, March 9, 2008

Tracheostomy - post operative care

After surgery following things are to be taken care of -
  1. As the trachea is suddenly exposed to dry air of the atmosphere, there is need to do suction through the tracheostomy tube after every half an hour to clear the secretions produced due to this insult.It is advised to keep the suction catheter in for minimum period of time. The catheter is pinched while taking in and the pressure released as the catheter is taken out. Care is taken not to insert too deep so as not to touch carina and produce spasms of cough due to irritation in trachea.
  2. Secondly the trachea has to be moistened with saline,so saline is put in the tracheostome every half an hour and a single layer of wet gauze is placed over the tracheostome.
  3. Mucolytic agents and sodium bicarbone can be instilled to decrease viscosity and reduce crusting.
  4. A pen,paper anb bell have to be placed near the patient for the patient to communicate as the patient is unable to speak for some time after surgery.


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